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Human Growth Hormone – Keeps You Young and Vibrant

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a naturally produced hormone in the body that is also known as Somatropin. It is produced in the body in the pituitary gland also known as the master gland due to its potential to control the hormones in the body. In the body, this HGH hormone deals with the growth and cell regeneration. The use of this hormone has been exploited by people of the sports community mainly by the athletes and bodybuilders to build the desired physique.

 Human Growth Hormone

 The growth hormone is synthesized in the body as a 191 amino acid long polypeptide chain that is synthesised stored by the somatropin cells. These cells are present in the lateral wings of the anterior region of the pituitary gland.  This hormone has been used as supplements for children and adolescents having growth deficiency. It helps in controlling muscle growth and bone development. It also controls body fluids and sugar and fat metabolism.  HGH is used medically in the treatment of Turner’s syndrome (a development related disease in girls), Prader-Willi syndrome, chronic kidney diseases and treatment of hormone insufficiency. In adults, it is used in the treatment of muscle wasting due to HIV/AIDS.  It is not a FDA approved the drug for the treatment of most of the diseases which emphasise the off- label effects of it. Many internet sites claim that the use of the hormone has anti-aging effects. The truth behind these claims needed to be justified and understood to prevent any undesirable effects to the body.  People by taking low regular doses of this hormone is claimed by to have anti- ageing effects in many TV infomercials.

Levels of Somatropin in the Body

The hormone has been used synthesised in the pituitary gland which controls the synthesis of most of the hormones in the body. These regulations of the endocrine glands ensure a balance of the different hormones which ensures the health and fitness of the body. The level of HGH in the body starts to gradually decrease when we reach in 20’s whereas in 40’s and 50’s it gets drastically reduced. This decrease is regulated by the synthesis of an inhibitor somatostatin, which decreases the active HGH in the body. This effect reduces the bone and muscle mass that leads to fragility in bones making people more prone to fractures, atrophy of muscles or even obesity. Doctors often recommend the use of HGH in such cases. This hormonal supplement can only be obtained by a prescription from medical stores.

Anti- Ageing Benefits of Somatropin

The hormone results in maintaining the wellness of the body. It is widely popular as it leads to increase in the muscle of the body in the bulking up period of the bodybuilders. It leads to increase in the collagen synthesis in the skeletal muscle and tendons which justify the claims.  The anti- ageing property of the hormone is due to its ability to facilitate cell regeneration and repair. It provides an additive advantage to the body as it helps it to recuperate faster after any injury. Bodybuilders by taking low regular doses of this hormone can effectively use a lot of these benefits to their advantage. Care should be taken to use the hormone in the right doses to prevent any side effects due to its use.